With over fifteen years’ counselling and psychotherapy experience, Sarah Rutter Counselling can offer support, advice and long term solutions for a variety of personal issues.

As part of the counselling South Croydon I am able to offer, I have a great deal of experience in helping people come to terms with their sexuality.

Many people find it difficult to recognise their sexuality or to accept it within themselves. Because historically we have been taught that homosexuality or bisexuality is against the norm, and because of the amount of prejudice which still exists, many people can feel extremely isolated by feelings of confusion over the gender they are attracted to.

As a result, many people wait until their adult life to admit or realise their sexuality or continue to hide their true feelings.

Those people who can accept their circumstances may either choose to live a quiet life within their orientation or they may choose to publicly declare their sexuality and “come out”.

For people who have struggled to come to terms with their own feelings, the prospect of having to explain themselves to others can be a source of great anxiety. Because each person and their circumstances are different, the fears relating to coming out may also differ. Whilst some people might fear a lack of acceptance or shunning from their family or peers, others may fear physical or mental abuse as a result of being gay or bisexual.

Counselling can be extremely useful to those who are struggling to come to terms with their sexual identity. Not only can counselling help to give you the confidence to accept yourself and your preferences, but counselling could also help to give you the tools to come out, whether privately and quietly or publicly if that is the best method for you and your situation.

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